Sudha and Ravi

SUDHA & RAVI perform Mantras, chants and Ravi’s heart songs

Sudha (voice) and Ravi (guitar, kora, flute and overtone singing).

Ravi and Sudha are inspirational musicians – don’t miss this special evening! Deva Premal and Miten


Sudha originally from Denmark, has been travelling extensively to share music and silence at festivals and meditation gathering across the world. Her inspiration comes from different cultures, stretching from ancient Hawaii in the West, over Native America as well as tribal Africa to India in the East. In 2004 she released her debut album Planet Love”, an album of chants from around the Planet – and in 2007 Sharanam of deeply meditative and devotional Sanskrit mantras

Ravi has developed a unique style of playing the kora over a period of twenty years and has made 20 of his own and collaborative recordings.  Ravi is also an accomplished overtone singer and performances include his own heart songs

comments about SUDHA

..I was so enraptured with your sacred voice and the sheer beauty that your music evokes.. Kimberly, Ontario – Canada

“this artist is truly a natural healer of the inner soul… thank you for sharing your beauty with humanity…” Asita Persaud

“When I listen to you my heart is filled with pure joy”. Marius, Romania

“… one of the most Beautiful, Divine channeling voices I have ever heard!” Aleah, Sweden

“…mesmerising, loving, Godly, sweet, gentle, powerful, beautiful…” Manisha Devi, New Hampshire, US

“…the first song is so beautiful! I listen to it again and again, because I love it so much…’ Krishna Das

“… Your voice is clear and uplifting…” Sondra Ray & Mark

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