Ravi Ji

Described by Songlines as “a walking testament to the success of multi-cuturalism”, Ravi is a multi-instrumentalist and one of the longest established European players of the kora. His music is the result of a lifetime exploring the edges of music through songwriting, world music, throat singing and a personal journey that has taken him from India to The Amazon. As well as over 20 CDs, international performances and workshops & the invention of the electric/stereo kora, Ravi has worked with artists such as Nigel Kennedy, Jon Lord, Phil Manzanera, Baaba Maal, Ronu Majumdar and Marlui Miranda.

About the latest album “Songs for the Golden Age”

Songs of love and consciousness in a classic songwriting style featuring top musicians and original songs, plus a version of “We Are” (For Each Child That’s Born) . Many of the songs feature the unique combination of guitar, mini guitar, Steinway grand piano and string quartet. The album also features guest singers Deva Premal & Miten, Sudha, Jahnavi plus Manose (bansuri), Tarun Bhattacharya (santoor) and Spencer Cozens (piano and keyboards).
View the video for “We Are” from the new album: Click Here to watch

Other projects include: TWO RIVERS, a duet with the shakuhachi maestro and multi-instrumentalist ADRIAN FREEDMAN (www.adrianfreedman.com) and THE OVERTONE PROJECT with fellow pioneer of overtone singing, PAUL TERRELL (www.inversiontherapy.net); some of their atmospheric multi-layered overtone singing has been used in award winning films such as “Touching the Void”. They have also now created a new event called SPIRIT FEST which will be between 12/14 June in Lincolnshire , more details via www.goldenage.nu

Finally , Ravi’s SONGS FOR THE GOLDEN AGE live show features a full ensemble performing music from the album plus chants and mantras from around the world, with a strong emphasis on audience vocal participation

“Ravi delighted with his multi-ethnic aural tapestries” The Scotsman


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